"...highly idiosyncratic, funny, challenging, and precise... and a little difficult to describe in print!"

About the Artist

The work of Dana Ann Scheurer is both whimsical and surreal. It has been described as "highly idiosyncratic, funny, challenging, and precise... and a little difficult to describe in print!"

Dana masterfully paints rich and inventive images of architectural and geometric forms that are placed in absurd juxtaposition, to an orchestra of visual delights, all designed to please and entertain.

Vignettes from old masters paintings, sculptures, paintbrushes, palettes, and paintings inside paintings, bicycles and fish are sometimes accompanied by musical instruments and keyboards.

Inspiration may be found in the most unlikely of places and times. Particular influences inclue the works of Picasso, Matisse, Moore, and Leger.

Columns in complex corridors of architectural spaces weave interior and exterior landscapes as an occasional Saturn on a string dances overhead.

The structure and well-defined edges of the paintings are the direct result of an exact pen and ink and printmaking background. A steady hand and the smallest of brushes facilitate the precision with which these paintings are executed.

There is a certain excitement about sitting in front of a blank piece of D'Arches watercolor paper. The edges are taped down. Favorite paintbrushes and pencils are placed to the side. The process begins as imagination takes over.

Drawing begins. Architectural lines are drafted, followed by the subject narrative, and anticipation of a finished work of art. Through the use of iconic imagery and flipped perspective spaces appear inside-out and outside-in. Often, the eye is guided to rest on a black and white floor while interaction with the subject matter is experienced.

The artist delights from the visual reactions of persons who, through repeated viewings, discover imagery both obvious and hidden.
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